Friday, September 23, 2011

A Bit of This And A Bit of That...

Hi All, First of I had to share this chart with you
And now you know where all those UFO's have disappeared to. It is available here .
So now for a Friday freebie I found this cute little guy in time to start for Christmas  here .
As for Faery Tales here it is in all it's glory
The green stitches down the bottom are the beginning of the mermaid so hopefully you will be able to see her a lot more clearer next week.


  1. Oh, gosh! I can't believe how quickly you stitch! Looks beautiful!

  2. I love the Last Stitch Cemetery chart. That's brilliant!

    You are making great progress :)
    Do you stitch in hand without a scroll frame or Qsnap?

  3. It is coming right along, I love watching your progress on this !!!

  4. Amazing as always =)
    I guess there will be a mermaid to watch next week?

  5. Thanks for all the comments- Bec I just hold FT in my hand although it is starting to get a bit awkward now