Monday, May 9, 2016

Stitching and stuff

Hi All,

The weeks seem to be flying away at the moment! I think oh yeah I will update my blog tonight but forget and then its the next week lol.

Anyway here is how I spent that week.
(And excuse the wonky stitchy photos but I usually take them on a Friday night with my phone on one hand while I use the other hand to keep Elsa ( my over excited dog) away)

Princess Izzy

My knitting consisted of these six matching Barbie dresses that the customer uses for table props on her dance nights.

And my next order which a twin set in 4ply cotton. I have finished the first half and am on to the cardigan.

And to top if off the ever stunning Alicia who goes by the title of the crafty princess sent me this beautiful chart.

Cheers, Sharine