Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finally finished!

Hi All,
Before anyone gets to excited it was Santa that I finished.(When Faery Tales is finished there will be flashing lights in the title lol) This one seemed to take forever to get there.
All the Santa's came out of Stoney Creek magazine 2012 issues. If you are interested in them you will find them here .
This finally means I can make a new start which will be Keith's Christmas ornament.
Princess Izzy also got some work done.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

WIPocalypse #1

Hi All,

Here we go for another year.If you want join in then just head over to Measi's Musings for more info. I will put how they looked at the end of the last Wipocalypse and now so without further ado
Faery Tales last time
And now
Princess Izzy on the last go around
This time
Santa's Boy Toys
Almost there
And finally Floral Beauty
And now
And finally I would like to wish everyone A Happy Australia Day!(With thanks to Hannah Lynn)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Faery Tales

Hi All,
Just a short and sweet one this time. Keep your fingers crossed for me this week that I can finish this page on Faery Tales.
And for the sweet part guess who forgot to put the baby powder away and which little angel of mine found it?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A bit of everything

Hi All,

First for a bit of stitching. Princess Izzy. Really can't wait to start working on this a bit more then once a week.

And Santa should be done and dusted after next week.

For a bit of new stash this is what I got with my Christmas money
 Woodland Babies by Stoney Creek

And the first two parts of Santas village and the Season of Love ornament
As well I got some 25ct lugana and a whole 3 meters of 20 ct aida to start my new projects when Faery Tales is done.

And the winner of the giveaway is ... Linda. Congratulations!  If you could just email me( ksmcdougall@bigpond.com ) your address I will get them into the mail for you to add to your stash:)

Hope everyone's week goes well, Sharine

Friday, January 18, 2013

Faery Tales & A Giveaway

Hi All,
Thanks to some late night tennis and the school holidays I made some good progress on Faery Tales this week.

And in the name of reducing some stash(to make room for more of course) I will be having little giveaways of the next few months. First to go are these two All Our Yesterdays card kits and a little leaflet with 4 designs by Faye Whitaker
If your interested just leave a comment and I will do a drawing on Monday night and post the winner Tuesday Australian time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

D'oh! x 2

Hi All,
Major head smacking going on here. I reached the top of the 'G' on Floral Beauty only to find my counting had been way of and I only just managed to squeeze it in. The only problem is it is way out of line with the other letters.
I really don't want to pull it all out but it does look a little strange. I know my mother-in-law won't care but I know I will. So I will finish it and keep stitching and see how I feel about it as I go on. 
Second D'oh moment occurred when I realized I have been stitching this on the wrong side of the afghan. This I can live with! After asking hubby for his advice(which should be my third mistake) his reply was not to worry as by the time I have finished it she will be a blind little old lady any way. The bump left on his head is coming down nicely;)

At least I finished the stitching on Santa which leaves me the backstitching to go.
 Cheers, Sharine

Friday, January 11, 2013


Hi All,
Here is the first one for the New Year.
And Santa will once again be keeping them safe and sound for the year.
Most of the threads belong to this
I am hoping to get this page finished before the kids go back to school/kinder which will leave me 3 half pages to wrap it up.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Princess Izzy & Santa

Hi All,
Things are starting to get back to normal around here. The Christmas tree came down much to the disappointment of the ladies and the cat who had taken to sleeping underneath it. We are still on school holidays here so we have had fun building tents in the lounge room, cooking an insane amount of cupcakes and biscuits and just generally doing whatever we feel like on the day.
Some stitching was still done after they went to bed(and lounge room restored to former glory) on Princess Izzy
And Helicopter Santa


Friday, January 4, 2013

Faery Tales

Hi All,
 It is sooooo hot here today in the great land of Oz. Not doing much of anything today except watch an insane amount of Dora the Explorer to keep Hannah happy.
Faery Tales made progress thanks to some late night tennis watching.(Do those people not realize some of us have to get up early the next morning? lol)
I also got some great new stash from a secret Santa exchange on the 123 stitch message board.
Needless to say the chocolate filled candy cane didn't make it much pass this photo:)
Then those awesome people over at Heaven and Earth Designs extended there sale and this little beauty found it's way into my stash making it 60 HAED charts now in my hot little hands.

I always think it would be cool to stitch a few of the Faces of Faery and hang them all up together above our bed. DH not so sure about a bunch of bug eyed girls watching him sleep. This one is number 90.
Back to hanging out with the ladies.