Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bye bye 2015(Wipocalpse #12)

Hi All,

Here is my crafty wrap up for this year :)

As ever my cross stitch is my crafty favourite thing to do. This year was a novelty as Igot to stitch in the daylight hours while Hannah was at kinder as well as stitch after the kidlets bedtime(and a bit after mine as well)
Consumed at the start of the year looked like this
 And looks like this
My goal was to finish the first row - I got about 5 stitches past the centre arrow of the chart so not to bad since she only get to come out to play for a couple of hours a week. Next years goal - the end of the row.

Next up Piper Tir N Org at the start

 And now
And no he has not faded but I think a new camera might be needed lol. My goal was to finish six pages on him and I did! Next years goal - another six pages.

And my favourite wip Princess Izzy started like this

And will see out 2015 like this
My goal for her was to have her finished  but I'm not complaining. Next year - Finish her off.

That was my stitchy year but I also enjoy other crafts as well. I also have a stall
at our local market once a month so am always doing something for that as well as taking custom orders for various things( a cockatiel inspired baby beanie being my fave) so here is  photo round up.

My favourite thing about having a blog is all the awesome people I have 'met' and the friendships that have happened. One of the most stunning I have met is The Crafty Princess aka Alicia who sent me this awesome Christmas present,

Finally thankyou to everyone who has read, followed, commented and shared this year with me. I still enjoy blogging and seeing everyone elses work. It is all really inspiring to me. I hope you all have a happy,heathy and stitchy 2016.
Cheers, Sharine

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Stitching and stuff

Hi All,

Is everyone ready for the big day? Thank goodness I have my stitching to keep me sane.
Here is Princess Izzy this week

And Consumed

I was very lucky with the gift of a new chart from her royal highness Alicia .
It is called Cinderella in Magnolias Garden and you can find it here I also got a lovely Christmas parcel that I haven't had time to take a photo of yet but will for the next post.

 I hope everyone that celebrates has a very Merry Christmas and if not a great holiday.
Cheers, Sharine

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Did I forget to mention...?

Hi All,

That back in June we got a new puppy? This is Elsa(cause what else would three girls name their new puppy?)
She is a jack Russell x Chihuahua but leans more to the Jack side.
 Her hobbies include guarding my floss ( and making me feel guilty  for waking her up when I need a certain colour)

And swimming in the duck pond, generally getting filthy dirty and  needing a wash before coming inside every night.

In stitchy news Piper is looking a little like this.

And Consumed a lot like this

Cheers, Sharine

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Running out of post title names

Hi All,

Seriously how does everyone name their posts every week? lol

Here is Izzy this week.(with some serious confetti work)

And Consumed

I also made these sleighs for the girls various teachers.

And finally my Minion fabric came in the post so I could make this

I followed  this youtube video if you are interested.
Cheers, Sharine

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mish Mash

Hi All,

Total mish mash of things for this post (which is how my head is starting to feel at about this time of the year)

Piper is looking a little something like this

And Consumed has a new arch coming in which means those lighter brown stitches at the bottom are hair(happy happy joy joy)

For something new I gave these quilted balls a try for the Christmas tree.

The puppy fabric really needed to be on a bigger ball but still not to bad for a first go. I have just ordered some Minion fabric to make some with so hopefully that turns up soon.

And because December is such a slow month with nothing to do(NOT!) I decided to do three markets instead of my usual one.
This one was last week with the next one this coming Sunday and the last one the following Saturday so my glue gun has had a great work out the past few weeks.

And my youngest had her school orientation this week  and she was so excited.

And I think that just about sums up my week. Hope you all have a great week!
Cheers, Sharine