Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi All, Just for something different this time I wanted to show of this artwork by Jodie Blanchard at Wishsong Design. I brought the original Rapunzel of her for Hannah's room. I thought she was very cute.
Now just to find the perfect frame for her. If you want to check out Jodie's other artwork click here to go to her etsy store or here for her jewelery shop at etsy as well. You can also look Jodie up on facebook where she is creating Snow White at the moment.
On to my weekend break from Faery Tales. First up Princess Izzy.
And Train Santa- Just the backstitch to go now(with a bit already started)

Yesterday the girls had a stage practice for the dance concert coming up later in the year. When I went to pick them up the dance teacher come over and told me Charlotte had to decide not to dance and just wanted to watch the other kids. When asked why she replied ' I'm not dancing on stage if their are no people to watch me!' My own little diva at the age of 3.


  1. Oh Sharine after I said I was so strong I ended up buying Alicia Aliana as well HAED extended the sale and it was payday. Do'h!! Rapuzel is so cute too! I was thinking though you could change your blog name to Charbellah for Hannah. Sorry weird tangent of convo but anyway. Love Princess Izzy lovely progress on both your Wips. xo Alicia

  2. Great progress on both pieces Sharine. Love the train.


  3. Your Santa and you Princess both look adorable =)
    I really had to laugh when I read about your daughter, some days I just know why I definitely need some children in my life ;-)

  4. Oh that Rapunzel picture would make a PERFECT HAED chart! :)

    I am so happy to hear I'm not the only one with a Diva!

  5. Lol - little girls can be divas - I still remember my diva moments (with pictures to prove them!). Did your daughters ever see Tangled? I LOVED it - I think they might, too. If you have Netflix (is there Netflix in Australia?) you should watch it beforehand to make sure it's appropriate (I think it is but then again I'm not a parent) but I think they'd like it :)