Friday, July 6, 2012

Faery Tales and a flashback

Hi All, Here it is again. You can see puss in boots a bit more clearly now.
And now for the flashback this is my first ever bit of cross stitch. It is called Egypt and is out of a Jill Oxten magazine. I done this when I was 18 and the girl that taught me said I would never finish it. I still remember cursing at the snakes scales which were in some sort of sparkly thread.
The black dots you can see are from my Dad trying to frame it for me. I have no idea how they were meant to help but there you go.


  1. Ooooh Faery Tales looks great! I LOVE that first piece. That wasn't very encouraging of the girl who taught you to say you'd never finish it. Look at you now ;)

  2. Your Fairy Tales is coming along wonderfully! Makes me wish I had the time to pull out my "Royalty" to work on it.

    And as I love anything Egyptian, that piece is *beautiful*!!! I'd love to have a copy of the pattern myself.

  3. Faery Tales is fab! Good ole Puss in Boots - nice to see him popping his head out!! Great first piece. I have a couple of Egyptian designs in my UFO basket :0). I used to buy the Jill Oxton mags when they first came out all those years ago!!