Friday, September 14, 2012

Six to go...

Hi All, I finished another page this week which leaves me with six to go:)
I brought some stash of a different kind this week. After the Barbie dress I'm working on now is finished I am going to start some lalaloopsy dresses with this pompom wool.
And in case you are wondering what in the world a lalaloopsy is here they are in all their cuteness.
Although all the girls love them Hannah adores them. And speaking of my little monkey here is what happens when I ask her smile for a photo.
Hope you all have a great weekend,Sharine


  1. Only 6 to go - Yay for you! I can't wait to see a finished lalaloopsy doll. Your daughter is gorgeous, too!

  2. I am still amazed how you just keep working on this design and not getting tempted with other ones. I wish I had your willpower. Hannah is too cute!

  3. WooHoo only 6 more pages. Your piece is lookin' good, Sharine! Those lalaloopsy dolls look adorable! Enjoy pictures of your precious girls. Hannah's picture gave me a smile this morning. Happy stitching, Abbie

  4. Great progress on Faery Tales and you are so close now! =)
    I am looking forward to see that dress =)
    Your little one is very cute =)

  5. Wow Sharine! Faery Tales is looking awesome. What an absolutely adorable picture of your daughter. She is a cutie.


  6. It looks like you are further along than 6 pages to go. You sure are patient with this piece. But it is so cute and you are doing a good job on it.

  7. Well done on another page stitched! Cute new knitting for you to do. Can't wait to see the little dresses. I love the pic of your daughter. :)