Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Hi All,  Not a good weekend this one. We lost one of our little dogs Buffy.
She was 12 and a half and I had had her since she was 10 weeks old. She was very healthy but unfortunately got herself into trouble on Sunday afternoon and I found her in her kennel already gone. The girls have handled it very well. We buried her and told them the angels would come and take her where Freddie(our dog we lost last year) would be waiting for her. Charlotte asked couldn't they just make her better and bring her back on Christmas Eve. Cue the tears. This weekend we will go the local market and buy her a tree to mark where she is buried. So take it easy Buffy Boo and tell Freddie we said hi.
This our the last of the three musketeers Jack who just turned 11 and I have had since birth. So far he seems to be taking it ok.
Onto stitching I finished page 2 on Princess Izzy and made a small start on page 3
Santa got added to
And Floral Beauty got the F for Fushia finished
Next up is G for gloxinia.
Hope everyone one has a great week,Sharine


  1. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your four legged family member. Sending warm thoughts your way.

  2. I'm sorry for you loss, losing a pet can be just so painful - they are family after all.

    Your stitching is looking great.


    Emma xo

  3. Oh no Sharine I'm so sorry to hear about Buffy. I'm glad the girls and Jack are ok, and I hope you are too!! That's a lovely touch with planting a tree.

    As for your stitching how cute is Princess Izzy's little hair clip. You're going really well on this one. Nice F too!!

    Take care xox

  4. So sorry to hear about losing your little Buffy. Sending warm wishes for your hearts to heal quickly. I'm sure you have so many good memories of her...I hope they help to comfort you.

  5. Oh I am so sorry that you lost your Buffy. It is so difficult - glad your girls are doing ok!

  6. I'm so sorry about your dog. My 16 year old dog died in his sleep and didn't seem sick either. That seems to be the best way.

    Santa's Snowmobile looks great and the Fuschia is beautiful!

  7. So sorry to hear about Buffy Sharine. So glad the girls and Jack and you and hubby are doing okay. Congrats on the finish and great progress on the other pieces.


  8. So sorry to hear about Buffy. What kind of dog was she and what is Jack? He favors my Bud who's a Rat Terrier that we've had for 11 yrs. You're making great progress.

  9. So sorry for your loss! Hugs and prayers!

  10. Sharine, so sorry to read about Buffy. So sad :(
    Hope you are all ok. Sending you hugs xx
    Your stitching looks great :)