Monday, February 4, 2013

New Start!

Hi All,
After watching everyone elso making awesome new starts I finally got to make one to. This is Up On The Rooftop  ornament by HAED.  It also marks the first time I have used anything other then aida. I am doing this on 25ct lagauna 1 over 1. I will say after stitching on that then moving back to the 20ct aida I'm using on Izzy the aida and using 2 threads felt huge.
So here is my measly start.
And for a small ornie it still has 4 pages to work so fingers crossed it will be done for Christmas and look like this

Izzy still grows a little more each week.
I got a few more charts to add to the stash pile.
From HAED I got The Game Is On. I'm thinking of doing this on a hand dyed blue.
I don't think I will be doing the writing when I do start it but who knows by then lol.

And from Tilton crafts ( Tilton Crafts ) this is called Champ by Judith Gibson
They have lots of awesome charts and are well worth a check out since at the moment they also have a sale on.

I also got my prize from Ewa this week which was a nice big piece of 18ct aida, needles and a tin to keep them in(the needles that is lol). Thankyou Ewa!

And don't forget if you want to enter my giveaway just check out the previous post and I will draw a winner on Friday sometime.


  1. Good luck! Those charts are too much for me to attempt...I'm not even tempted, although I've seen some very lovely happy dances!

  2. Great new start and great progress on Izzy. Love your new stash.


  3. What a gorgeous new start =) I'm crossing my fingers for you to have it finished by Christmas (I am confident) =)
    Wonderful stitching on Izzy =)

  4. Great progress and new start too :D

    those ornaments I cannot decided on, I would love to stitch some but as you say four pages seems like a lot of work for something which is only going to be on show 3 or 4 weeks of the year!

  5. Happy New Start! But FOUR pages for an ORNAMENT?! You are a better woman than I, Sharine! :O)

  6. You are making great progress on Izzy. I think your new stash acquisition is really pretty. I can't believe 4 pages for an ornament but I know it will be beautiful.

  7. great stitching :D I love your new chart :D

  8. Nice start on your "little" ornie! The turtles will look nice on hand-dyed blue fabric, since you won't have to stitch the whole thing. The horse is gorgeous! Keep up the great stitching, Sharine!