Friday, October 4, 2013

Piper Tir N Org

Hi All,

More blue sky(which is stitched with a shade I would call more green then blue but still quite nice) and tree for the Piper to stand with when he comes into action.

And incase you hadn't heard HAED are having a 50% off sale which I meant I was able to buy this beauty by Laurie Prindle called Kindred Spirits.
I have five of her charts now and although I'm sure one of them will be my new start when Santa is finished I have no idea how I'm going to choose which one!



  1. The colours in Piper are stunning. Just seen your HAED stash page. You must be one fast stitcher!

  2. Wow sweet growing stitches..
    Can't wait to see what you going to chose?
    Love x

  3. Great progress on Piper. When I saw that chart I thought I might bw seeing it hear :D Look forward to seeing which you choose.

  4. Great progress Sharine and I love your new chart. I think you should start that one next.


  5. Great progress and lovely new chart :)

  6. Loving Piper! Colours are great :)
    Lovely new chart!!

  7. Awesome Sharine. Piper is coming along really well and you're into the lighter colours. I love your new Prindle chart. My fav of your stash is Chimera Black Rose and El Calbellero.
    Alicia xo

  8. I love your work on Piper, the sky looks beautiful to me =) But I would also say it's more like a blue-ish green than an green-ish blue ;-)