Friday, January 3, 2014

Izzy & A New Start

Hi All,

Nothing but hair on Izzy this week and I will admit to being a little jealous of all her lovely waves.

And although I told myself no new starts this year after looking at everyones great ornaments for Christmas I had to start some of my own. First up is this angel who I might have to stitch twice as Bella and Charlotte are claiming it for their own.
There is six in the series and they are out of the world of cross stitching magazine. I will find the issue number later.


  1. Izzy does have beautiful locks! That angel looks adorable!

  2. Ooh this little Angel looks absolutely adorable!!!

  3. Izzy is looking good and cute new start.


  4. Beautiful hair work on Izzy. I know what you mean I recently cut my hair as it's easier to manage in Summer, but I must admit I miss long hair. Great new start. She looks like she will be a cutie. You may have to stitch the whole series twice if they are as cute.
    Alicia xo

  5. Angel looks great and I can see why both girls are claiming her as their own.