Monday, March 24, 2014

Hippity hop.

Hi All,

I've been getting in the Easter mood with these little hair ties. Some for the girls and the others for the market.

I keep forgetting to mention that I started a page on Facebook for all my little creations called Charbellas Creations. If anyone one is interested just click here . Would love to see you there.

And for a little stitching a little penguin.

And a little stash of the wooly and in this case the furry kind for some more Barbie dresses

And that my friends is all for today.
Cheers, Sharine


  1. What cute hair ties...if only I had a granddaughter instead of a grandson! LOVE the penguin - he is too cute.

  2. Aww cute bunnies..I love them all..
    Pretty stitching
    BIg hugs x

  3. Very pretty hair ties and some super stitching.. I looked back on your blog, you have such variety of things going on.. I only had one daughter but with three boys I made clothes for their action men!

  4. Cute hair bows. Love the penquin.


  5. The hair ties are adorable. Love the new stash.

  6. Keep going with that penguin, he's going to be done in no time!

  7. The hair ties are gorgeous :) I bet if you let them your kids would get them all for themselves :) And I love the little penguin. Now I can't wait to see the dresses you're going to make those furry wools look amazing and I really liked the furry dress you made before :)

  8. Mr. Penguin is still looking great! May I ask which issue that was in?