Sunday, July 20, 2014

Izzy & Some new stash

Hi All,

Here is Izzy after another weeks work.

And incase you missed it HAED had another 50% off sale and my Hannah Lynn collection grew by three. :)

Cheers, Sharine


  1. Izzy is looking brilliant and what lovely new charts you chose.

  2. Wow beautiful
    Collection :)
    Sweet stitching x

  3. Izzy is coming along wonderfully! Great new stash. I managed to resist this last sale! It's fun to see what everybody else got.

  4. Nice progress on Izzy Sharine. Love your new stash.


  5. I love your new stash and have just had a look at your current HAED and TC charts. Wow! So many to do! I take it you like Hannah Lynn!!! And having now seen it again, I just have to get "In Her Room" by TC. You must have such a lot of dedication to have only a couple of charts on the go when there are so many waiting in the wings! You're a credit to an awful lot of other stitchers! Well done. :)

  6. Lovely progress on Izzy & sweet new stash ;)

  7. Izzy is looking great! I love love love Hannah's Cowardly Lioness one. They are all great but that one just makes me smile every time I see her.
    You won't believe this but I didn't buy anything from the sale....What??? I know right. xo Alicia