Friday, November 7, 2014

Wipocalypse #10

Hi All,

I can't believe we are almost done for another year!

Here is this months progress.
Piper Tir N Org last time
This time
Princess Izzy last time
This time
And Consumed last time
This time
Cheers, Sharine


  1. Wonderful progress on all 3 Sharine.


  2. Lots of wonderful progress for one month!

  3. WOW I guess I haven't visited you in a while - Everything is looking amazing!

  4. Very nice progress. I am blown away by your stitching. I'm waffling about even starting a HAED and here you are stitching all of these!

  5. Hi Sharine

    I just love watching your progress on all of your HAED's. All of them are going to be so pretty.

    Why shame on you for starting another can't have too many now can you...LOL....

    I am so ready to start another HAED Pattern.

    Keep up your beautiful progress....

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad

  6. It's been a good month for your little Miss. Love all of them.
    xo Alicia