Friday, October 16, 2015


Hi All,

Here I am back with a proper post at last. I think I have worked out this new laptop(enough to do a blog post anyway lol).

So here is my stitching since I have been away.
Princess Izzy - I finished the 3rd row and started the 4th. Since I'm planning on stitching the 5th and 6th row together this is the second last row!

Piper Tir N Org- Is also soooo close to a row finish. I have stitched more on this then te photo shows but since his rotation doesn't finish till tonight I am holding off taking another photo.

Consumed- Had a page finish and am on page 3 which is the middle of the row. I'm looking forward to working on this one a bit more when either Izzy or Piper are finished.

Knitting- I've had a few knitting finishes  but here a couple of them.
I had one mum request 2 headbands for her adorable baby girl and from that I ended up knitting 12 more for various people:)

And a pair of blue bootees to keep it equal lol
I also done a little stash building. For some reason I can't share pictures f the stash I brought from a fantastic new shop called Charting Creations I am now the proud owner of three of Nikki's charts. They are Faerie Steed , Steampunk Wonder Woman and Marygill The Sealady.

And as I am being booted of the laptop I will say goodbye and I will be back soon.
Cheers, Sharine


  1. Wonderful work on all your projects. You have gotten lots of stitching done. Lovely new stash as well.

  2. Yay I was wondering when you'd be back on! They all look great! Especially Izzy it seems like you've got a lot done on her :) I love your new charts, especially Marygill her colors are stunning!

  3. Beautiful progress on all of your cross-stitch projects! And your knitting finishes are just too sweet.

  4. Gorgeous knitting as always Sharine. Awesome progress on your stitching.


  5. Whoa look at you go!!! Awesome progress on all your wips. And the booties and headbands are very cute. By the way after you finish Izzy and/or Piper that means NEW START not extra time on a current wip. I just don't know who you are sometimes LOL!!!

  6. Your stitching in looking great, I just love Piper so much! :)

  7. Lovely progress! Those booties are adorable!

  8. You've made amazing progress! It's really inspiring to see these huge projects come to life.

  9. Glad you are now back online :)
    Great progress on all your projects & sweet little knitting creations!