Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just the usual stuff

Hi All,

Here are my stitchy happenings this week.

Piper  Tir N Org with more lake

And Consumed with more...brown and red...

And I'm happy to report that I finished my mermaid blanket(and started the next in line) but the lighting here today is no good so I will leave it till next week.

But I did finish this pom pom blanket and get a half decent photo of it.

And I sewed this Barbie dress up that had been floating around the bottom of my knitting bag.

Cheers, Sharine


  1. Great stitching and knitting, everything looks fantastic.

  2. The colours on Piper are stunning! I LOVE the pompom blanket - the colours are to die for! And the little dress is soo cute - what a lucky barbie doll lol!

  3. Hurray for some more blue on Piper! And brown and red on Consumed! I love seeing these large pieces progress.

  4. The pom pom blanket looks so soft & warm, wish it was for me :)
    Great stitching update too.

  5. I love that fluffy Barbie dress!

  6. Your Barbie dresses are amazing Sharine. You should sell them in stores. That pompom blanket is really unique. Great stitching progress.


  7. Awesome progress on everything! I love the colors in the Pom Pom blanket

  8. I love the pompom blanket, what's the pattern you used?
    Beautiful stitching on both projects as well

  9. Love your progress but especially love the pompom blanket. :)

  10. Beautiful progress and lovely finishes!

  11. Great work stunner. The Pom Pom blanket looks good enough to eat! I love all your stitching progress, especially Consumed. She's really starting to come into the picture now.
    xo Alicia