Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just the usual stuff

Hi All,

Here are my stitchy happenings this week.

Piper  Tir N Org with more lake

And Consumed with more...brown and red...

And I'm happy to report that I finished my mermaid blanket(and started the next in line) but the lighting here today is no good so I will leave it till next week.

But I did finish this pom pom blanket and get a half decent photo of it.

And I sewed this Barbie dress up that had been floating around the bottom of my knitting bag.

Cheers, Sharine

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Izzy,Consumed & Mermaids

Hi All,

Here are how things are looking this week.

Princess Izzy


And I finished my 5th mermaid blanket this week for an order

I've just cast on today my 6th one for niece with purple and black and a two week deadline!
Cheers, Sharine