Friday, July 15, 2011

Faery Tales continue...

Here it is again with mother bear more or less finished and hopefully father bear to appear.This is the start of page 23 so only 17 to go.
I just ordered some 20ct aida to start Aussie Girl on from 123 stitch an excellent site to order all your needlework supplies on. I also ordered a nursery afghan to stitch this on for Charlotte. I already have another blanket waiting in the wings for this for Isabella. As well as a pattern book for baby blankets. My husband questioned the pattern book ( click here to view ) since our youngest is now 13 months and oldest is 5 next month and we have no plans for a fourth. So just for him- by the time I finish my other to do projects  this will be just in time for  grandkids.
P.S Heaven and Earth Designs are having a 30% of sale so watch this space heaven and earth designs


  1. As usual, it's unbelievable. It's going to look WONDERFUL hanging on my wall....

    *slinks off before things get thrown at her*

  2. Another beautiful update, Sharine. Those quilts are darling... can't wait to see your progress on them.

    I agree about 123stitch. LOVE them. :D

  3. Beautiful colors and can't wait to see more progress.

  4. thanks for comments and i promise i not a thrower of things a chucker yes but definitely not a thrower