Friday, December 16, 2011

Kinder Graduation

Hi All, It doesn't seem like that  long ago when I dropped my first born of at kinder and on Wednesday night she graduated.
She is now set to go to school and already counting down the days. On the other hand I could definitely wait a little longer.
For her graduation/concert night we had to bring a plate to share so I made some teddy bear sleighs that the kids loved.
Super easy. Just melt some chocolate to join the mini candy canes to the bottom of the milky ways and then dip the bottom of the teddy in the chocolate and gently press their legs into the milky way. I put coconut on the plate for snow. Depending on the candy canes you get you might have to trim them back a bit.
And for Faery Tales I finished another page so now I'm down to 13 pages.


  1. What a super yummy and cute idea! I wish I knew about that when my kids were little. I bet some of the moms will copy your idea too!

  2. Love your teddy bear sleighs are adorable, and so easy to make! Thanks for sharing.
    Your Faery Tales looks wonderful!!

  3. Aw, she looks such a sweetie...and I'm totally swiping your sledding teddies idea!!!