Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving along...

to Princess Izzy. It is now a green and black blob. Bella asked me last night if it would be finished in time for Christmas.
And on to the daffodil. The daffodil part would be finished if I could find some white dmc. Three different stores and none to be found.I still have to add the 'D' and backstitch.

Cheers from a beautiful day in Australia,Sharine


  1. Hmm, love how the kids think it can be done NOW :)

    Pretty daffodil. Our Spotlight has dropped their DMC price to 79c - I managed to pick up some skeins of the B5200 Bright White that I hadn't been able to get lately...

  2. Tell her yes, Christmas 2012! So sorry you can't find white floss easily. You'll have to stock up next time you find it!

  3. mmm spotlight has been good lately, my local one has actually had the colours I've been looking for!

    Kids really have no concept of time do they!