Monday, February 6, 2012

Santa and Izzy

Hi All, Bella had a great first day at school. I on the other hand watched the clock all day,wondered what she was doing , if she remembered to have her sandwich for lunch and all the other things mummies worry about. When we went to pick her up the first words out of her mouth were that she had lost her hat and wasn't sure where her drink bottle was. And so it begins. Here is a photo of how we left her on Friday.
In the latest cross-stitching news Santa got worked on Saturday night.
And Princess Izzy
And what a difference to the eyes it makes going from 14ct aida to 20ct aida.


  1. Bella looks adorable and the stitching is great:-)

  2. Great stitching progress. Love the Santa's Boys Toys and need to start them also. Your daughter is adorable.


  3. Bella looks really cute and quite happy - I'm glad she's enjoying school!

    Great progress on both stitches :)