Friday, March 2, 2012

And here is Faery Tales...

Hi All, Here is Faery Tales again. The only thing that grew on it was the sea so nothing but blue was stitched on it this week.
This column has the start of The Ugly Duckling.
Yesterday Hannah woke up with a cold so no doubt it will go through the house. On top of that when we picked Bella up from school there was a note that a case of head lice had  been found at the school. Always fun when you have three girls!
Hope everyone enjoys there weekend,Sharine 


  1. head lice and a cold? I'd say immerse yourself and Fairy Tales and forget the rest of the world..... stitching does cure the common cold, right?

  2. Wow sounds like you have quite the weekend ahead. Hope all works out for you. Your stitching is beautiful, well done on your progress.

  3. Oh gosh, a cold and head lice! I was once the cause of one of those head lice notes - given to me by my neighbor. Whoops! Faery tales looks beautiful :)

  4. Wow - I am seriously blown away by your faery tales, it looks amazing, I would have probably given up by now! lol