Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wonders

Hi All, Here are my weekend wonders. First up Princess Izzy.
Followed by one of the Santa's Boy Toys ornaments.
 This weekend was a busy one. On Saturday we had a birthday party at a play center and  boy do they get noisy. Hannah being the fearless one of the gang thought the giant blow up slide looked fun, so the day was spent keeping her of it and trying to convince her that the toddler section was just as much fun. She was not having a bar of it. Yesterday we went on a little road trip to visit my Nan.
Bella had her first school excursion today to the Melbourne Zoo. She had a great time and now wants a pet turtle.


  1. Well, everyone comes away from the zoo wanting a pet something. I suppose you're lucky it's only a turtle. lol

    Congrats on getting stitching done amidst all the weekend's adventures.

  2. Great progress on both pieces Sharine.


  3. The trees look great on Princess Izzy! Can't wait to see the Boy Toy ornament all finished!

  4. Great progress, sharine! If it helps at all, turtles make great starter pets. At least she wants a turtle, when I was little I wanted (and got) pet rats. Freaked my mom out a bit but she got used to them :)