Friday, June 22, 2012

Only 8 to go!

Hi All, Just in case the post title didn't give it away I'm down to 8 pages on Faery Tales.
And made a small dent in to the next one. This page has puss in boots, a woman in a green dress(not to sure of the Faery Tale there) and the start of the emperor.
This morning while checking out other blogs I thought this was good from The Crafty Princess  about not feeling guilty about buying new stash. So in honor of that here are three more HAED charts I brought in HAEDS latest sale.
A Gathering Of Fairies - Jasmine Beckett-Griffiths
White Pony In Bluebell Wood- Irina Garmashova

Runaway Princess- Hannah Lynn
So that brings my HAED count to 49 charts. I'm sure one day I will have that thing called time to do what I want to and not what I need
Thanks to everyone who helped me out with Waffle our cat. (Maybe calling her after food was a bad idea.) I forgot to add we had taken her to our vet last month for a general check-up which she passed. Because her drinking habits hadn't changed the vet wasn't to concerned but now I'm thinking about taking her to another vet for a second opinion. Ahhh the fun and games of having furry friends.


  1. You are a legend. I have been following your blog for ages now and I am so impressed with the speed of your stitching. I am so tempted to buy this chart because of seeing your progress on this. Hope Waffle is okay and yes I would get a second opinion.

  2. Oh Sharine I wish you could see the massive smile your post put on my face. I read it out to my friend and she cheered you as well. I love your stash enhancement. Hannah and Jasmine are 2 of my fav artists and your choices are perfect accompaniments to your current projects. I'm so glad you bought these with good feelings. Awesome stunner!!!!

  3. Oops I forgot to add congrats on reaching the 8 pages to go milestone on Faery Tales. As you know it's in my stash so I'm inspired to see you progress so well on it. And yeah what is the tale with the lady in the green dress??? Beautiful work good luck with the final pages.

  4. All I can say is amazing! It's in my stash as well.

  5. You did excellent work on Faery tales =) I'm eager to see your project finished =)
    I love the new stash you bought, do I now have to say that I am a bad girl because I didn't buy anything during the sale? ;-)
    I hope your cat will be alright =/

  6. Beautiful work! Congrats on getting so close to the end of your HAED.

  7. Faery Tales is looking great! It will be done in no time now!

  8. Wow Sharine - only 8 pages left - now your going to send the finished piece to me!! RIGHT lol More HAEDS - I really like this last bunch.


  9. Fairy Takes is looking awesome. The other charts, you bought, are really nice too.

  10. Yay more new charts! :) I think a second opinion would be a good idea. We were dog sitting for this poor little sick doggie. The vet kept saying food allergies food allergies blablabla but the dog wasn't getting any better no matter what. The owners took her to another vet for a second opinion - turns out she had a yeast infection. a couple of pills later and she was good as new!

  11. Congrats on getting down to 8 pages and the great new staswh!!!!!!!!!

  12. woohoo! great stitching! Girl in a green dress.. I don't recognise that one? Hmm I will have to think I love fairy tales.