Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TUSAL 6# and some other bits and pieces

Hi All, Half way through the year already. Where does time go? Anyway here is my jar complete with last nights stitching efforts of Princess Izzy.
And speaking of Izzy the forest has grown
And Santa's truck has a back end
Now a question for all you cat people Do cats change as they grow older? Our cat is 11 years old and used to be quite happy with some dry food in the morning and a can of wet food at night. Now she wants to eat 24/7 and will eat anything she can get to. This morning she was eating bread. And while she was quite content to be an indoor cat in the last couple of months all she wants is out. She has been desexed since she was a kitten. Nothing has really changed in our life to upset her.So any ideas? Now I know why I am a dog person!


  1. Lovely TUSAL jar - look at that green! Your WIP's are looking good too!
    Intersting things that kitty is doing... as they age cats behaviour can change, like we do as we get older. They can sometimes actually forget what they used to know... so maybe kitty has forget she is an indoor cat!! Have you taken her to the vet for a checkup? Sometimes old cats develop a thyroid problem which can often increase their appetite - though generally older cats tend to eat less. I'm sure she is ok but it wouldn't hurt to ask a vet. :o) Will keep my fingers crossed for you and kitty, hugs x

  2. What nice colours does your jar have!

  3. Love that big blob of green at the top on your TUSAL picture.

    I am a Cat person, but that big of a change doesn't seem right to me... especially the change in food. You may want to take her to the vet for a checkup and my first thought was thyroid.

  4. hello

    Here's my June TUSAL post:


    I'll be happy with your visit!

    Thank you, kisses

  5. I agree with Noni. Cats do change as they get older, but you should take her to a vet to be sure something isn't wrong because of the increased appetite. Izzy and Santa's truck are looking great!

  6. I support the vet check recommendation. Cats can be weird, honestly.

  7. great progress :) sorry dog person here!