Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WIPocalypse #4

Hi All,

Here we go again:)

Piper Tir N Org last time

Piper Tir N Org now

Princess Izzy last time
 This time
Penguin ornament last time
And finished

So I started Rudolph

Sadly no Floral Beauty this month.

This months topic is how do you keep your stash organized?
Since most of my stash are HAED charts they are all stored on a usb stick and backed up on dropbox.
My other charts are in one underbed storage container. Since I have had a bit of culling of my magazines( I have been buying them for five years and think the Christmas ornaments are the first thing I have stitched out of them) they are all stored in a couple of magazine holders.
My threads live in 4 cotton storage boxes that I set up around me to stitch every night. I don't 'kit out' every project and just buy the threads as I need them so all my projects share the same threads.
Thanks to DH I am lucky enough to have the full set of the DMC range.
Cheers, Sharine


  1. Beautiful stitching projects.
    Happy day hugs x

  2. Wonderful progress - I especially love the Piper! And what a wonderful thing it must be to have the full range of DMC floss! I have 2 boxes worth, but nowhere near the full range :) My stash isn't actually very large, so I just have a small rubbermaid with all of my supplies in it. My DH gives me a hard time if I have too many projects stashed without being done :)

  3. Wonderful progress on all your projects.


  4. Gorgeous stitching progress. Organised? We're meant to be organised?

  5. It's great to see the Piper's face now! You have stitched so much on all these! Congrats on your Christmas finish!

  6. Haha, I WISH all my charts were on a usb stick! I just decided the other day that my charts have gotten out of control, so I really need to get organized. My plan of attack is to first inventory everything and then decide on how best to organize things so they can be located easily. The only problem with this organization thing, is that it takes away from stitching time! I don't kit out every project either, just buy as needed. My skeins are on bobbins and filed in plastic boxes in numerical order. Have a good week - love looking at your progress!

  7. You've had a great month Sharine, they are all looking fantastic. I've decided that using one set of DMC threads is the way to go. Unfortunately I decided to do this after I have already kitted up 38 wips, which equates to almost 38 bobbin boxes. They threads arrived this morning so I will be busy bobbinating the entire DMC range including the 16 new colours. Urgggh my wrist is hurting just at the thought LOL! But I agree it's the best way to go. Great minds huh stunner!!!
    Alicia xo

  8. Wow Sharine...you are really making good progress on all of your projects...good for you....I love them too....

  9. Great job this month. You got so much done. Congrats on the cute penguin finish

  10. I really have loved watching your progress on the HAED pieces since I started with the Wipocalypse!

  11. Beautiful stitching. I just bought two heavily stitched projects like Piper Tir N Org and Princess Izzy. Do you have any tips on stitching this type of chart?