Monday, December 15, 2014


Hi All,

Here are all my wips as I was having a little trouble gets the photos of my phone. First up Princess Izzy which has a page finish. So now its 13 down 23 to go:)

Piper Tir N Org more blues and greens though I think I might be up to the castle.

And Consumed which is more browns and black.

And just for a break from stitching I finally got a photo of all three of my beautiful girls with Santa when we went to the Christmas tree farm on a beautiful sunny Australian day.(Although not a real one we are getting closer)
Cheers, Sharine
p.s I haven't forgotten about the WIPocalypse but have decided to do it closer to the end of the year.


  1. Wonderful progress on all 3. Your girls are adorable!

  2. Your girls are adorable Sharine. Wonderful progress on all your projects.


  3. Such wonderful progress on all 3 pieces :)

  4. These pieces are wonderful! It is spurring me on to get out my HAEDs from the cupboard and have another go on them. X

  5. Two thumbs-up on the wonderful progress you've made on all 3 pieces!!!