Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Isabella!

Hi All,
After having zero time yesterday to wish my first born Happy Birthday here she is a big girl of 5.
She never fails to amaze us and is such a girly girl.( I don't know where she gets that from). So happy birthday baby and I hope you had a wonderful day.
In Faery Tales news I am almost at the end of this row and then on to the 4th and 5th rows which I plan on stitching at the same time as the above big girl is growing impatient to see the mermaid down the bottom.


  1. Happy Birthday Isabella :)
    She is a cutie!

    Faery Tales looks fab! Such an amazingly detailed piece.No wonder only the brave take on a HAED lol

  2. Happy Birthday to Isabella. She's a gorgeous 5 year old. :D

    Faery Tales looks great. :D

  3. Happy Birthday to Isabella =) I hope she enjoyed a wonderful day =)

    I just love Faery Tales, I'm excited to see the mermaid, too.