Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bella's Finish and WIP

Hi All, So what happens when you combine these?
You get one of these
proudly made by Isabella
Incase you are wondering they are perler beads and have proved so popular with Bella that we went to spotlight and brought this Cinderella kit
and her wip so far Cinderella's coach
They are a great craft for kids, fairly cheap- the candy cane board was $2 and I got 1000 beads for $5. The candy cane uses  approximately 50 beads so plenty of christmas gifts there. Cinderella cost me $10 and for that I got the square bead board and enough beads to do the coach,Cinderella, Jaq and Gus. The only help she needed from me was the ironing(which makes Keith laugh as I never any other time unless I need to for crafts). The ironing makes the beads fuse together. Just make sure there is a sheet of baking paper between your iron and the beads.The boards are reusable and after checking ebay there are a lot of great kits. And it's not just for kids either. Just click here to see a great Simpson project. The link will also take you to a cool gaming craft chat board with lots of cool craft.
And before I go one more photo just because I love her so!
my not so little baby girl anymore Hannah

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  1. Your kids are adorable! And that is just such a great way to get kids involved in crafts :)