Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi All, I hope everyone had a great new year. We had a quite one. Bella flaked about 11:30 so maybe next year she will see the new year in. I started my new year stitching on Princess Izzy.
 And here is a photo of where Floral Beauty is up to
A close up of 'D'. All the cross stitching is done except for a handful of white stitches. I ended up ordering a skein from 123 stitch as no one had it here. And of course I couldn't just get the cotton so picked up a couple of books as well but will show them later. I have made a small start on the backstitch.
And finally some more Barbie dresses that I made for the girls for Christmas but forgot to show.



  1. You've made good progress on Princess Izzy and Floral Beauty is really beautiful. Glad you got your white floss.

  2. The Barbie dresses are cute! I remember crocheting dresses for my Barbies when I was a kid. Floral Beauty is really beautiful. I would like to cross stitch on an afghan some day.

  3. Great progress on your stitching :D