Monday, January 16, 2012

Izzy and some Barbie dresses

Hi All, It's definitely summer in Australia today. And of course I had to go out and pick up Bella's school books/supplies today. Thank goodness I got there early and their was no queue.
In Princess Izzy news I actually got to put down the green and brown and stitch 4 stitches in purple.
For some reason the material looks a bit grubby in the photo.
I also finished some sparkley dresses for the girls Barbie dolls.
And as you can see in the corner of the photo Bella's beading obsession is continuing. She asked me last night if I could empty out one of my floss boxes because she needed somewhere to keep her 'stash'. So I guess I know what I will be buying for her next.


  1. Hey you know when you have a habit, I mean hobby you have to have stash. lol That is so cute.

  2. Princess Izzy looks very lovely, the colors are really nice =)

  3. It's always exciting to stitch up some colors that are different. I think it's awesome that the first thing I read was that summer was here while I'm freezing my buns off and the heater is going full blast.