Friday, August 10, 2012

Another first!

Hi All, Bella lost her first tooth this week.
The tooth fairy had her work cut out for her when Bella swallowed it but wouldn't you know it the tooth fairy has special powers for situations like this and Bella ended up with $3 under her pillow in the morning.
In other news I almost had a page finish this week with Faery Tales.
And two more charts were added to the ever growing stash.
Little Miss Deelish & Sweet Treats Trixie-Hannah Lynn
I was planning on stitching Alicia Aliana for Charlotte but she wanted a unicorn like Bella has in hers so Miss Deelish it is.
QS Toucan Falls- Hannah Lynn
Is there something wrong when you buy a new chart, see that it has 6 pages and think cool a small pattern?
Cheers, Sharine


  1. Well done the tooth fairy!!! Love the design with the unicorn - that would be my pick too!! Can't wait to see it started. 6 pages - definitely a quick stitch :0)

  2. I love that Toucan QS so much I'm going to HAED now and buying it! I already bought 3 HAEDs yesterday to add to my collection - now if only I can stitch them all..

  3. Great progress and love the new additions!

  4. I bought 2 QS patterns this time around and literally said the same thing! So strange to see a chart that small, lol! Congrats on Faery Tales, looks awesome, I still can't get over the detail, and how beautiful your stitching is. Kudos to the Tooth Fairy, Bella must have been thrilled!


  5. Wow the first tooth, that's great. Well done to the tooth fairy too. I love your chart selections, I have really fallen in love with HL charts lately and have bought like 5/6 in the last couple of weeks. I say the same thing when a chart is under around 10 pages or under about 40,000 stitches. I definately think we are being conditioned somehow :D

  6. Lol on the tooth. My daughter has swallowed 2 of her teeth. And yes its lucky the tooth fairy has such amazing powers. Love the new designs in ur stash.

  7. Your little one looks so cute =)
    Great work on Faery Tales and the charts you got are wonderful =)

  8. Great progress and I also had to by 2 new HAED charts.

  9. The tooth fairy was very generous to Bella. I love the new charts you got. Your stitching me into it again.


  10. WooHoo!!Go Tooth Fairy! *grins* and there's nothing wrong with seeing a 6 page pattern and thinking "What a cute little pattern" considering some of the other sized patterns that HAED puts out.

  11. I think that if you think that 6 pages is a small pattern then you're just HARDCORE.