Monday, August 20, 2012

Party Week!

Hi All, First for some stitching.
Princess Izzy- the forest continues to grow
And Santa got his golf club
This week will be all about getting ready for Bella's birthday party. I can't quite believe she is turning 6. This year she is getting a Nintendo DS for her birthday as well as plenty more I'm sure. The birthday cake has yet to be decided because she keeps changing her mind. We started of with My Little Pony, changed to Snow White, switched to a castle cake and am now resting on an 'I' cake(so everyone at the party knows it's her birthday). No doubt she will change her mind 5 more times before Saturday.


  1. Good luck with the cake... We also got our Daughter a Nintendo for 7th birthday and a year later she still plays on it regularly. One of the few bday presents that don't just lye around.

  2. Beautiful stitching. Congrats on Bella's big 6 birthday.

  3. Beautiful stitching. hopefully a cake gets decided.

  4. Santa's golf cart looks great! Have fun with the birthday party!

  5. Great progress on both pieces Sharine. Good luck with the cake. Tell her if she doesn't make up her mind soon, she will get a spider cake. lol


  6. Wonderful stitching progress =)
    I hope you and most of all Bella will enjoy a great party =)

  7. Happy 6th Birthday to Bella in advance!!!!

    Wonderful progress!

  8. Nice projects and Happy Birthday to Bella. I just found your blog and will be back.