Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella!

Hi All, First for the stitchy bit.
Golf Cart Santa- Almost done with stitching part and then on to the backstitch.
Princess Izzy- I got a break from the green to add 3 pink stitches which is in the top part of her tiara
And for the most important part my oldest Miss Bella turned six on Saturday and got her DS

And if you ever want a challenge try to get six kids aged 6,6,4,3,2 and 1 to sit still for a photo. One day my sister and I will have this shot if it kills us

From left to right nephews Justin and Tyson my daughters Charlotte(refer to previous post to see her pretty face), Isabella, Hannah and my niece Kimberley.
She had a great day with her friends(all 20 of them) and the house will also live to see another day:)


  1. Your children are almost all the same age as mine - mine are 6 4 and 1 - your children are all so pretty. Love the birthday cake - did anyone fight over the doll? I know mine would. Looks like you made some progress on your stitching - not easy to do with 3 little ones :)

  2. Beautiful stitching sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. Wonderful progress. Looks like a wonderful day was had :) Charlotte seems determined not to be in that photograph :D

  4. It looks like Bella had a wonderful b-day!

    Yay some pink in Princess Izzy!

    That golf cart will be done in no time know you!

  5. The Golf Cart Santa and Izzy are looking fantastic Sharine. What a bunch of adorable kids. Happy Birthday to Bella. Love the cake. (shoulda been a spider) lol