Friday, January 4, 2013

Faery Tales

Hi All,
 It is sooooo hot here today in the great land of Oz. Not doing much of anything today except watch an insane amount of Dora the Explorer to keep Hannah happy.
Faery Tales made progress thanks to some late night tennis watching.(Do those people not realize some of us have to get up early the next morning? lol)
I also got some great new stash from a secret Santa exchange on the 123 stitch message board.
Needless to say the chocolate filled candy cane didn't make it much pass this photo:)
Then those awesome people over at Heaven and Earth Designs extended there sale and this little beauty found it's way into my stash making it 60 HAED charts now in my hot little hands.

I always think it would be cool to stitch a few of the Faces of Faery and hang them all up together above our bed. DH not so sure about a bunch of bug eyed girls watching him sleep. This one is number 90.
Back to hanging out with the ladies.


  1. Your Faery Tales looks so good! I started my own yesterday. So now its long time only black and dark blue.... It´s little difficult at first because this is my first Haed. But this your Faery gives me so much inspiration to stich mine! :)

  2. Great progress on Faery Tales. Love your new stash.


  3. You have 60 HEADS???!!!! OMG!!!

    Keep going on Fairy Tales!!!

  4. Your Faery Tales is awesome! Beautiful work! And that candy cane wouldn't have lasted around here either! : )

  5. 60 Haed? This is insane!! I'm so jealous, so much STASH!! :D
    Your Faery Tales is really lovely, and so closed to be finished!!!

  6. Your stitching is looking awesome - you are so close now! :) Nice new chart too - I have a couple of the Faces of Faery (185 & 187) No idea when I will get round to stitching them though!

  7. 60 HAED charts?!?!? Wow... I have one. I keep seeing a few I really like but they never make it past the cart LOL
    Your faery Tales looks great!!

  8. The Secret Santa gifts look wonderful! Faery Tales is almost there and looks fantastic! "Bug-eyed girls watching him sleep" made me laugh!