Monday, January 7, 2013

Princess Izzy & Santa

Hi All,
Things are starting to get back to normal around here. The Christmas tree came down much to the disappointment of the ladies and the cat who had taken to sleeping underneath it. We are still on school holidays here so we have had fun building tents in the lounge room, cooking an insane amount of cupcakes and biscuits and just generally doing whatever we feel like on the day.
Some stitching was still done after they went to bed(and lounge room restored to former glory) on Princess Izzy
And Helicopter Santa



  1. Izzy looks great. Your Santa issue coming along wonderfully as well.

  2. More great progress on both pieces Sharine. I sure hope Stoney Creek does another set of cute ornaments.


  3. Helicopter Santa looks great! Isn't it fun to get closer to Princess Izzy's face? Great stitching, Sharine!

  4. Nice progress! Like your choice of design for Princess Izzy. It looks terribly colourful, you won't have time to get bored :)

  5. They look great! Vacations are for cupcakes and forts ;) , good for you :)

  6. MMmm cupcakes and fort the vacation dream of every kid!!!

    Looking great!

  7. Great progress on your stitching! Hope you are managing to survive the heat. We have a couple of cool days ahead & even the htreat of rain next week with the cyclone up north moving down the coast. Stay safe & cool ;)

  8. Your pieces look fabulous and are coming along great!
    Happy Stitching