Tuesday, January 15, 2013

D'oh! x 2

Hi All,
Major head smacking going on here. I reached the top of the 'G' on Floral Beauty only to find my counting had been way of and I only just managed to squeeze it in. The only problem is it is way out of line with the other letters.
I really don't want to pull it all out but it does look a little strange. I know my mother-in-law won't care but I know I will. So I will finish it and keep stitching and see how I feel about it as I go on. 
Second D'oh moment occurred when I realized I have been stitching this on the wrong side of the afghan. This I can live with! After asking hubby for his advice(which should be my third mistake) his reply was not to worry as by the time I have finished it she will be a blind little old lady any way. The bump left on his head is coming down nicely;)

At least I finished the stitching on Santa which leaves me the backstitching to go.
 Cheers, Sharine


  1. Lol at your husbands comment :)
    Sorry about all the problems you're having with letter G . I hope you can wotk it out

  2. Oh these things just make the piece unique! At least that is what I tell myself hehe

  3. Oh no! I hate when I miscount like that. I hope you work it out. Santa is looking great in his helicopter though!

  4. Oh your DH is really in trouble now! I don't think I could tell which side was which on a white afghan. It will be beautiful when you finish. Santa in the helicopter looks great!

  5. YOur husband sounds funny! Not kind on your mothe-in-law though!! Sometimes I count & count & count again, I'm always worried about this... I'm sure it will get sorted.
    Nice little Santa on his heli!!

  6. I wouldn't worry about the afghan Sharine. Loved your husbands comment. You won't be able to tell its off. Love the helicopter.


  7. Sharine

    Your stitching is beautiful....I love your Santa Helicopter that you did...that is so cute. I would not change anything on your afghan....as long as it doesn't interfere with the rest of the next letter that you have to do.

    Happy Stitching
    Linda K, Railroad


  8. Oooh I think the placement on the letter G would drive me bonkers! I would have to rip it out and start over! The wrong side, could live with that too.

    Almost a happy dance with santa!

  9. Oh what a thing for hubby to say... typical men ;)

    Lovely stitching, sharine! Little mistakes like that are what keep our stitching individual.

  10. Oh oh! I wish they would listen to themselves sometimes!