Friday, March 15, 2013

A sort of new start

Hi All,

I started H for Hyacinth this week which is sort of a new start on an ongoing project.

And I got a most of the black finished on this page of Faery Tales.Still looking wonky as always lol.

Also finished these, what I thought were pant and jumper sets for my girls only to have them correct me by saying that what I had made are pajamas .
I get most of my patterns off here all for free. The only thing I find is if I knit with there recommended  needle size the girls have trouble getting the clothes on and off so usually I go up a couple of needle sizes( I think they recommend 2mm and I knit with 3.25mm) and add a button on the back so they open instead of seeming them straight up.

And after having a poke around Etsy I also brought two patterns of Vintage Knitnak I got the Robin Hood and Little Bo Peep outfits.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, Sharine


  1. Those are fantastic Barbie outfits! Your girls are so lucky!
    Faery Tales is so very very close to being finished! I'm sure all your followers are so excited for you!

  2. super cute stitching and sweet new start x

  3. Those outfits are adorable! *grins* and I'm biting my nails becaquse you're so close to getting Faery Tales done!

    PS. Thank you for drawing my name in your giveaway! I just got the magazine yesterday and have already thumbed through it several times.

  4. Your Fairy Tales is getting to the finish line! I have followed the progress on this from the beginning. What an undertaking. The Barbie outfits are darling. I remember my mom making our Barbie Doll clothes, it's not an easy task.

  5. Oh my Faery Tales is almost done. I just love the Barbie outfits you knit. They are adorable.


  6. Love your knitting and your stitching looks great.

  7. Sharine, you're amazing. Three little ones and you still get all that done! I think there will be happy dancing all over the world when you finish Faery Tales! :O)

  8. great stitching :D I love the outfits for the barbies.