Monday, March 4, 2013

Santa & Izzy

Hi All,

I just got home from kinder duty with Charlotte and wow. I take my hat of to all teachers but most of all kinder teachers today. 25 4 year olds for six hours. The stuff you can learn from a little one is amazing lol.
Here is my effort on Izzy this week
The blue and purple background make for a nice break from the green.
And Santa is looking something like this
Still can't see any detail coming through yet but I'm sure there will be soon.

And if anyone received a strange email of me last week I'm sorry. I asked my DH to send of the kinder financial report to the kinder committee and instead it went to everyone on my contact list.

Hope everyone has a great week, Sharine


  1. Great progress on both. Well done you are doing really well on both, love how Izzy is coming along.

  2. You are doing great on your WIP's watching your progress.

  3. Great progress on both pieces Sharine.


  4. Great stitching, as usual.
    Hugs, Kaye

  5. Izzy is really looking great!

  6. How nice to have some different color on Izzy instead of green!

  7. You did lovely work on both your projects =)