Friday, April 19, 2013

A Bit Of Everything

Hi All,
Wow the first week back at school always goes quick!  So now that the house is back in a sort of cleaner state and the kids are back in there routine everyone is happier.

Here are my wips. Excuse the shadow puppets Flash = washed out colors No flash=shadow puppets lol.
 Princess Izzy with lots more green.

Floral Beauty Hyacinth

And finally Up On The Rooftop ornament
And that how I like to waste my time.
Have a great weekend,Sharine


  1. Great progress Sharine. Such pretty designs.


  2. Ahh Sharine bite your tongue...x stitching is never a waste of time! Now making beds, that is another story..such a waste of time. LOL!

    All of your wips look stunning. I agree, much prefer the shadow puppets with vivid colours than using the flash. She looks amazing the lil Princess. xo

  3. Well if stitching is a waste of time.... I think it's a perfect waste of time :)
    Great progress :)

  4. Love the Floral Beauty Hyacinth - it is very pretty! Love how you waste your time too...I like to waste my time the very same way.

  5. Great progress on all of them, but Izzy is moving along very nicely!