Monday, April 8, 2013

Santa and Izzy

Hi All,

Not quite as spectacular as my last post but here are the other wips which keep me sane.

Up On The Rooftop ornament which suffered a little when it got kicked out of it's regular spot so I could finish Faery Tales.

Izzy which should start moving a bit faster now

And my two new starts which won't be started untill the end of the month

Piper Tir N Org

And Fiereza

Thanyou everyone for your kind words on Faery Tales. I will miss it and now have to try and get the symbols for it out of my mind lol.


  1. It will be fun to watch your projects grow and see the new starts at the end of the month. I know just what you mean about the symbols!

  2. Nice progress! Can't wait to see your start on Fiereza !

  3. Great progress Sharine. I like your new start choices and look forward to seeing them.


  4. lovely stitching and great choices for your new starts :)

  5. I'm sure your other projects will move along now that Fairy Tales is done... but with two more starts... won't they slow down again?

    You do have some beautiful starts planned!!!

  6. Beautiful! =)
    I can't wait to see your new starts =)

  7. Lovely new starts! Can't wait to see them being stitched! Your other 2 will all of a sudden start moving along now!! :)