Monday, May 13, 2013

New start off a different kind

Hi All,

A couple of week ago I started a cardigan for Hannah and keep forgetting to show it.
The pattern is called Kina and you find it here. The website is in French but if you run it through Google translate it is pretty easy to follow. Or if you are a member of Raverly you can find it on there. It is a bit of a difference from Barbie dresses where I usually cast on between 50 or so stitches to this where I'm currently working on 278. Although that said it is knit in one piece so it's not as bad as it seems.
The wool is from spotlight and I can't remember what it is called so will report back on that bit of info.( I keep thinking Sorrento?)

Santa is also a bit further along and is driving me a little nuts. I think it's the colors at the moment which are a bit drab.
Back to Piper tonight so look out for an update featuring nothing but black and 890:)


  1. Gorgeous colour for a cardi! Santa's coming along nicely :)

  2. Santa is looking good Sharine. I love the color of yarn your using for the sweater. Great start.


  3. Santa is looking good but wow that's a lot of work for an ornament. I hope you threaten to come back and haunt someone if they ever throw it out after you're gone!

  4. Love the colors of your cardigan. And Santa is coming out well :-)

  5. I love that yarn and the varigated colours are gorgeous.. I looked back and wow that Faery Tales is amazing.. well done what a finish!
    Chris x

  6. I love the colour of the wool the results are aweseome. LOL don't you just love background...I think my next new start I'm going to jump to the exciting bit first.
    xo Alicia

  7. I wish I could knit with circular needles. What pretty yarn! Santa is progressings so well. It is a beautiful design.