Friday, May 10, 2013

What one more for the stash?!

Hi All,

First for my stitching this week. Up On The Rooftop ornament. Not to much progress as on Friday night Hannah got a high temperature and was up all night. On to the doctors Saturday morning to find out the poor little thing had an ear infection as well as a throat infection. Some antibiotics have cleared it up but on the weekend all she wanted was cuddles from Mum.

Princess Izzy came back out.

And after some backstitching on Floral Beauty H will be finished.

And finally incase you didn't know HAED are having a 45% off Mothers Day sale where I picked this up. Cherish by Hannah Lynn.
Cause really what's one more at this stage?lol


  1. Great progress Sharine and love your new HAED.


  2. Aw the poor little thing. Hope she feels better soon. Lovely progress on everything. Beautiful new chart.

  3. aww lovely new head..sweet progress x

  4. love the new haed purchase, i tried my best to stay away from the sale but what can i say? i am a hopeless case - i am hoping one day i will actually start stitching one of them, lol!

  5. Lovely stitching and great new chart :)

  6. Lovely progress =) I hope your little one feels better by now =)