Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthdays Everywhere

Hi All,

It is a long weekend here in Australia this week. So strange for it to be Monday and all three kids at home. Thankfully the weather has been good and they have spent most of it outside playing.

 It was also my awesome hubbys birthday.
This weekend it will be Charlotte (who is turning 5) and Hannah's (who is turning 3) birthday. They will be having a party at the local play center on the weekend.

I worked on Santa this week.
And Floral Beauty got a look in as well.



  1. Happy birthday to all! Great stitching progress.

  2. Sweet stitching..
    Happy Monday x

  3. Great progress and Happy Birthday to all of your family.

  4. Happy Birthday to everyone.
    Nice stitching you got in too.

  5. Happy Birthday to everybody! The picture gave me a smile!

  6. Happy Birthday to hubby, Charlotte and Hannah. Great progress on both pieces.


  7. Happy birthday to hubby and your girls! The Santa ornament is looking great!

  8. Yep June is an awesome month as it's my bday as well!!! Happy birthday to your hubby and the 2 girls - OMG that means you have 2 Gemini girls - good luck with that in the teen years! LOL! I just made it past the Gemini sign and safely into Cancer. Phew!
    Alicia xo

  9. Happy birthday (belated) to your hubby and the girls :)
    June is a busy birthday month in our family too...
    Your WIP's are coming along nicely.