Friday, June 21, 2013

Insert clever title here

Hi All,
Am I the only one who struggles to come up with a blog title?

Anyway here is my update for this week. Izzy is coming along nicely and she is my fave in the rotation at the moment.

And as hard as I tried to resist the latest HAED sale this one was released in the last few days of it and has joined my already to large stash pile.
This is Faces Of Faery 178 by Jasmine Beckett-Griffith

In knitting news I finished off these two Barbie dresses.
And if you can all put on your thinking hats for a second, I am thinking about knitting and selling some online but am having a hard time thinking of a store name. Any ideas?

P.S I am linking this post to tamis amis and other creations  a fab knitting and stitching blog:)


  1. Cute barbie dresses and lovely new stash items. I like pd this post's title - intriguing!

  2. I think you opening an online store for your knitted barbie dresses is a fabulous idea - hmmm... shop name - Barbies fabulous knits? Barbies new dress? Barbies knitted wardrobe?

  3. Yes, titles can be tricky and difficult...but don't stress.

    I love the Barbie dresses!

  4. Cute doll dresses and fabulous Princes Izzy HAED! As a cross-stitcher myself I have so much admiration for people, who stitch HAED!

  5. Sweet Barbie dresses...
    Pretty stitching x

  6. Doll designs xx

    I love the stitching and the dresses are beautiful!

  7. I've knit an outfit or two for Barbie, and gosh, what a lot of work! Yours look so intricate! Nicely done!

    How about "Bab is FAB - handknits for Barbie and her friends" or something like that. Of course I'm pretty hopeless with names and titles too. I just cop out and title mine "Finished Object Friday" :)

  8. Trying to catch up on your blog after being away from my computer for a while. I always love seeing your Barbie dresses--they remind me of the ones my mom knitted for my dolls when I was little! If I think of a brilliant name for your shop I'll let you know! :O)

  9. Nice progress on Izzy!
    The little dresses look great!

  10. Yeah its hard to be witty sometimes! Izzy is looking great!

  11. Great progress on Princess Izzy. Love your new HAED chart. The Barbie dresses are adorable. How about - Charbella's Creations or Sharine's Creations.


  12. The dresses are so cute! I should knit some dresses for my daughters doll.

  13. I love the new HAED Pattern....she is so pretty....

    good progress on your WIP

  14. Great progress on Izzy! (now that Faery Tales is done) The Barbie dresses look amazing. Your daughters are so lucky.