Friday, June 28, 2013

Post #250

Hi All,

Really running short on post titles now lol.
This week I stitched on Piper and came this close to finishing page 1.
Next time for sure.
Santa is looking this that at the moment.

And even Floral Beauty made it out this week .


  1. Every time I see you Floral Beauty I think about my oldest UFL, which I was doing a W with a flower in the middle. Not sure if it was one of the floral beauty, but it was a Stoney Creek design. It is also on an afghan but one with squares all the way through it. One of these days I'll be inspired enough to find it and finish it!! Good think the chart is with it LOL

    Love your HAED too, always awed when I see people working on these - I wouldn't get past the first page.

    Sandy - stitching in sunny cal

  2. Busy girl this week Sharine. All looks brilliant, keep going you are so close to a page finish on Piper...I agree with the title posts they can test the brain at times...nice job.
    Alicia xo

  3. Beautiful stitching! Piper is looking great keep up your hard work :)

  4. Great progress on your stitching!

  5. Everything looks amazing. Blog titles can be a pain.

  6. do you buy the Haeds in large print format? before they came up with that brilliant idea i used to go down to my print shop and have the charts enlarged and printed out on these big pieces of paper - and yeah i know never stitch them - shame on me - actually had 4 or 5 starts but realized with having baby after baby i was never going to find any decent stitching time for myself, but not long now the last little one will soon be two then off he goes to daycare and i will come join you in stitching Haeds - take care Sharine - Amanda

  7. Great progress as always Sharine.


  8. Piper looks great! I love your Floral Beauty letters. Keep up the great stitching!