Monday, August 19, 2013

Santa & A New Pony

Hi All,

Santa went slowly slowly this week due to some pretty confetti areas.

And HAED are having a 50% of sale at the moment and this little beauty came to live in my stash.
Masai War Pony by Laurie Prindle.

I'm trying my hardest to finish Santa before I start this one but I have cut the fabric out for it. So hard to resist!lol.
Sooo want a horse back in my life.



  1. Great progress on Santa & lovely new project :)

  2. I think Santa is looking fab! Great work!

  3. Santa is looking great Sharine. I love your new HAED and I think you should start it.


  4. Santa is looking great!
    Love the new chart you got...look forward to seeing your progress on it :)

  5. I noticed that you have a love of horses in your stash. This one is gorgeous too. Just start it stunner, I have about 10 new starts in the bad with me, bwah ha ha!!

    Santa is doing nicely too.
    Alicia xox

  6. I love this pattern too, I think soon it will appear in my stash!

  7. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous new design :) I love it!
    Santa is looking brilliant. Well done :)