Friday, August 2, 2013

Izzy and another chart :)

Hi All,

Izzy came out to play this week and here is how she looks now.

And incase you didn't know HAED are having a 53%off sale. So this came to live in my stash
It is called Chimera Black Rose by Laurie Pringle.


  1. Sweet stitches and pretty new chart..
    Hugs x

  2. Great work on Izzy and beautiful chart. Was looking at that one myself. Managing to stay clear of this sale (so far)

  3. Great progress on Izzy. Pretty new chart.


  4. oooh this chart is tempting me too with the sale!

  5. Princess Izzy is coming along great guns. I was a tad peeved with HAED. I bought a large chart during the 40% sale and when it finished, 2 days later the 53% sale was posted...d'oh. I guess it pays to wait! Love your new chart the colours are dreamy!
    Alicia xo

  6. Izzy's gorgeous, I'm always amazed by how vibrant the colours are! She's looking fantastic!

  7. You must wear fire-proof gloves as fast as you stitch! :) It looks amazing but the one I will be salivating over is Chimera Black Rose - that design is stunning! Why is it I can never find anything that good at HAED? :)

  8. Izzy looks wonderful! One HAED came to live in my stash pile too; Waterhole Master...don't know WHEN I will ever get to it!

  9. Such a beautiful Prindle piece! I totally missed this was a unicorn and bought Winter Solstice!
    You stitching is just fabulous!