Friday, May 2, 2014

Piper, Barbie Dresses & New Charts

Hi All,

Piper is still growing a bit slower at the moment thanks to confetti central.( Must be to make up for all that sky)

I also finished this latest lot of Barbie dresses.

The one in the middle was lucky to get made as when I was winding the sequin yarn into a ball Miss Polly cat couldn't resist 'helping' me and got it into the biggest mess ever! If it's not the kids it's the cat lol.

And the lovely Crafty Princess rak'ed me these charts.
Generations by Laurie Prindle
And Celia by Hannah Lynn
Thankyou Alicia. I am seriously tempted to finish Rudolph of and start Generations instead of doing the other three charts in the series. Decisions, decisions...

Cheers, Sharine


  1. What a great RAK!!! Celia's is really pretty & colourful :)

  2. Catching up on your blog... wow! You've been busy! I love that middle dress and I so sympathize with the complications of "help"! :O)

  3. Piper looks great. Adorable Barbie dresses and great new charts.


  4. Great stitching progress. Love the barbie dresses, very funky. What fabulous charts to get rak'ed from the lovely Alicia

  5. The confetti does give you beautiful detail though. Looking great!

  6. Start Start Start!!! Hee hee.

    Man that would have been a shame if the bling dress didn't make it as it's so cool. Barbie will def pick up wearing that number out on the town. Love Piper he's really starting to fill out now! Great progress.
    P.S. You're very welcome for the charts, it's my pleasure stunner
    Alicia xox