Monday, September 1, 2014

Princess Izzy

Hi All,

Here is my lovely Izzy for this week.
In other lessons learned in life this week I have learned not to leave Etsy open while your 8 year old daughter is around. She purchased a pattern for herself this week and printed it off for me to have it stitched by Christmas. I don't to be scared or impressed lol.

 Cheers, Sharine


  1. You could always introduce her to stitching and she can stitch it :) Good progress she's turning out beautiful

  2. Gorgeous stitching! That's funny about the pattern.

  3. Nice progress this week Sharine. What pattern did your daughter get.


  4. So close to another row finished on this one. Great stitching.

  5. Great progress!
    What did she buy?? It is scary how good they are with technology nowadays :)

  6. Izzy is looking beautiful as always. So close to another row finish!
    I think it's adorable that your 8 year old ordered something for you to stitch for her. I'm curious what it is, too.
    These kids are amazing with how savvy they are with the internet and computers.....and printers apparently;)

  7. Izzy looks great!
    It is the thought that counts right... :)

  8. Its been awhile since I've stopped by and Izzy is looking great! I'd say I'm impressed with your daughter!

  9. I love that story! What a clever kid you have there Sharine, so cute. xo Alicia